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First results from a photometric infrared survey for Vega-like disks around nearby main-sequence stars

H.J. Habing - P. Bouchet - C. Dominik - Th. Encrenaz - A. Heske - M. Jourdain de Muizon - M.F. Kessler - R. Laureijs - K. Leech - L. Metcalfe - A. Salama - R. Siebenmorgen - N. Trams - C. Waelkens - L.B.F.M. Waters


We have undertaken a survey for Vega-like disks around nearby main-sequence stars by making photometric measurements with ISOPHOT at four wavelengths between 25 and 180 microns. Our goal is to establish how common Vega-like disks are, and how their presence depends on the fundamental properties of main-sequence stars (mass, age, rotation etc.). Here we present first results that concern Vega itself and g Lup. We confirm the results obtained by IRAS and give new fluxes at 135 and 180 microns. We also present a first table of measurements on a larger sample. Vega-like disks are common, but not a general feature of all main-sequence stars with masses above 0.9 Solar Masses.

Stars: Planetary systems - Stars: general - Stars: individual: Vega, g Lup - Infrared: stars

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