Astronomy and Astrophysics Letters dedicated to ISO

Bimodal dust emission in three classical Seyfert galaxies: NGC 3227, NGC 4051 and NGC 4151

J. M. Rodríguez Espinosa - A. M. Pérez García - D. Lemke K. Meisenheimer


Far Infrared observations of the Seyfert galaxies NGC 3227, NGC 4051 and NGC 4151 are presented. These are the first data from a complete sample of Seyfert galaxies that is being observed by ISO as part of the ISOPHOT guaranteed time. The new ISO data, in combination with the IRAS data, show that the mid to far IR emission in all three objects can be ascribed to two well defined regimes, namely a warm dust emitting region which we claim is heated by the emission from the respective active nuclei and a second colder emitting region which we attribute to dust heated in star forming regions.

galaxies: individual (NGC 3227, NGC 4051, NGC 4151) - galaxies: spectral energy distribution - galaxies: Seyfert - galaxies: photometry

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