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ISOCAM 4 tex2html_wrap_inline235 imaging of the nuclear starburst in M83

D. Rouan - D. Tiphène - F. Lacombe - O. Boulade - J. Clavel - P. Gallais - L. Metcalfe - A. Pollock - R. Siebenmorgen


We present ISOCAM images (1.5 arcsec resolution), in the Br alphaline and in the continuum at 4 tex2html_wrap_inline235 , of the starburst nuclear region in the nearby galaxy M83. The starburst is found to lie: a) along arc joining the 2 tex2html_wrap_inline235 sources at S and SW of the nucleus to the NW 10 tex2html_wrap_inline235 peak, a possible indication of a propagating star formation; b) at the nucleus itself and at a bridge, linking the arc to the nucleus, that could trace a gaseous bar. The strong 4 tex2html_wrap_inline235 continuum emission cannot be free-free and probably corresponds to the continuum emission associated with the Very-Small-Grain/PAH component of the dust.


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