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ISOCAM CVF observations of the Quintuplet and Object#17 clusters near the Galactic Center

T. Nagata - K. Kawara - T. Onaka - Y. Kitamura - H. Okuda


Two fields near the Galactic Center, containing the Quintuplet and Object #17 star-clusters, have been imaged with the ISOCAM circular variable filters (CVFs) in the wavelength range of 2.47 - 3.08 mum and 3.99 - 9.09 mum. Emission of [Ar II] 6.99 mum is detected in the ``pistol-shaped'' H II region (G0.15-0.05) to the south of the Quintuplet cluster. Absorption probably due to O-H stretching vibration (2.8 mum) is evident in the Quintuplet spectra. In addition, Quintuplet members and the central part of Object #17 have CO(4.3 mum) and CO (4.7 mum) absorption. Abundant CO might be present in these lines of sight.

dust, extinction - HII regions - ISM: molecules - Galaxy: center - Infrared: interstellar: lines

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