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A first glimpse into ISM/ICM connections at z=0.2 with ISOCAM

M. Pierre - H. Aussel - B. Altieri - J. Ph. Bernard - A. Biviano - O. Boulade - C. Cesarsky - D. Cesarsky - D. Elbaz - R. Hunstead - L. Lemonon - A. Reid - L. Vigroux


Although it is well established that the cluster environment affects the gas content and massive star formation in galaxies, the mechanisms have not yet been unambiguously identified. In order to elucidate some of the processes responsible, an ISO Core Programme - DEEPXSRC - is dedicated to deep observations of medium redshift rich clusters of galaxies. We present here the first results from this programme, obtained by correlating our ISOCAM observations ( at 7.5 and 15 microns) of the cluster A1732 with radio, optical and X-ray images. Some 10 distant IR galaxies are detected in an 8' x 8' field and are the faintest extragalactic sources detected by ISO so far.

Cosmology: observations (ISO, ROSAT, Australia Telescope) - Galaxies: clusters: individual Abell 1732 - Infrared: galaxies - X-ray: general - Radio continuum: galaxies

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