Astronomy and Astrophysics Letters dedicated to ISO

ISOCAM view of high energy sources

Mirabel I.F., Claret A., Cesarsky C.J., Boulade O., Cesarsky D.A.


We report the discovery of warm dust in the surroundings of the compact high energy sources SS433 and Cygnus X-1. In the jets of SS433 we have observed the infrared counterpart of the brighter X-ray knot at a distance of 50pc from the compact source. The observation reported here suggests that dust formation takes place in the ejecta, and that their infrared luminosity exceeds their X-ray luminosity. In Cygnus X-1 we find that the compact source is surrounded by an infrared envelope of 0.2pc radius. We propose that besides a gaseous component, warm dust components contribute to the infrared emission from the extended envelope.

stars: individual: SS433, Cygnus X-1 - stars: variables: other - ISM: clouds - Gamma rays: observations - infrared: stars - X-rays: stars

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