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ISO observations of Wolf-Rayet galaxy Haro 3

L. Metcalfe - S. J. Steel - P. Barr - J. Clavel - M. Delaney - P. Gallais - R. J. Laureijs - K. Leech - B. McBreen - S. Ott - N. Smith - L. Hanlon


Observations of the blue compact dwarf galaxy Haro 3 have been obtained with the ISOCAM and ISOPHOT instruments on the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO). The PHT-S spectrum (6-12 microns) is dominated by four emission bands that are frequently attributed to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and strong SIV emission. Two CAM filters, LW6 (7-8.5 microns) and LW3 (12-18microns) were used to map the galaxy. The LW6 image is essentially a map of the galaxy in the 7.7 micron PAH feature. The emission in both maps is extended and matches very well a map of the Halpha emission. Both maps show coincident single peak emission and a spatial correspondance with the nuclear region of the galaxy and the brightest optical region, an off-axis starburst containing Wolf-Rayet stars. A ratio map of LW6/LW3 images shows two peaks on a ridge elongated along the optical axis of the galaxy.

infrared: galaxies: individual: Haro 3 -- galaxies: starburst -- ISM: molecules -- ISM: dust

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