Astronomy and Astrophysics Letters dedicated to ISO

ISO-SWS spectrophotometry of galactic Wolf-Rayet stars: preliminary results

K.A. van der Hucht - P.W. Morris - P.M. Williams - D.Y.A. Setia Gunawan - D.A. Beintema - D.R. Boxhoorn - Th. de Graauw - A. Heras - D.J.M. Kester - F. Lahuis - K.J. Leech - P.R. Roelfsema - A. Salama - E.A. Valentijn - B. Vandenbussche


ISO-SWS spectra of seven late-type galactic Wolf-Rayet stars are discussed. A high resolution spectrum (2.3 -- 29.6 m, ~ 820 - 1700) of the WC8 star WR11 (gamma² Vel) is shown and its Ne abundance is discussed. Medium resolution spectra ( ~ 250 - 600) of the WC8-9 stars WR48a, WR98a, WR104, WR112 and WR118 show the broad circumstellar heated amorphous carbon dust emission feature and interstellar silicate and hydrocarbon absorption features.

stars: Wolf-Rayet - interstellar medium: extinction - infrared: spectroscopy

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