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The starburst galaxy NGC 6090: from 2.5 to 200 microns

J. A. Acosta-Pulido - U. Klaas - R. J. Laureijs - B. Schulz - U. Kinkel - P. Ábrahám - H. O. Castañeda - L. Cornwall - C. Gabriel - I. Heinrichsen - U. Herbstmeier - H. Krüger - G. Pelz


We have carried out broad band photometry of the interacting galaxy system NGC~6090 from 3.6 to 200 microns using ISOPHOT. This is complemented by a low resolution spectrum in the wavelength range 2.5-11.5 microns. The IR spectral energy distribution of a starburst galaxy is shown with unprecedented detail. From our Far Infrared measurements we can demonstrate that the starburst component is the dominating energy source in this object. 84 percent of the total IR output is in the wavelength range below 120 microns, while is in the 120 to 240 microns range. Emission in the PAH bands is an essential radiation mechanism in the wavelength range shortward of 10 microns for this object. We discuss various published starburst models and their applicability to NGC~6090.

galaxies individual - NGC~6090 - galaxies starburst - galaxies interactions - infrared galaxies

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