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ISO-SWS observations of solid state features towards RAFGL 7009S

d'Hendecourt L., Jourdain de Muizon M., Dartois E., Breitfellner M., Ehrenfreund P., Benit J., Boulanger F., Puget J.L., Habing H.J


We report the detection of various solid state molecular features in the SWS01 spectrum of a protostellar object, RAFGL 7009S. Identified molecules include H2O, CO, CO2 together with 13CO2 and CH4. Other less firmly identified features are observed that appear in laboratory spectra of UV photolysed ices. We thus confirm the previous detection of CO2 in the IRAS-LRS spectra of a number of embedded sources and present the detection of solid CH4. In addition, we estimate the column densities of some solid state species towards RAFGL 7009S. Due to its extreme extinction this source represents a unique target for the detection of weak solid state absorption features, that are commonly observed in laboratory experiments.

ISM: molecules - ISM: abundances - ISM: dust, extinction - ISM: individual: RAFGL 7009S

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